Posted by: bureaucratgirl | December 23, 2006

Last Minute Shopper

sca0143.jpgHi, my name is X, and I am a last minute Christmas shopper. 

I admit, the story is the same – year in and year out.  I always swear I’ll get all my shopping done in November, but always find myself standing in the middle of the mall on Cristmas Eve.  (And when I say Christmas Eve, I mean like just before Christmas dinner)  My mom on the other hand, does her Christmas shopping year round and has a “gifts shelf” in her basement.  Come Christmas time, she just has to wrap them up.  I was definitely not blessed with that gene trait.

Every year, I wonder why I do this to myself.  Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush?  That heady feeling I get when I breeze in and out of the different stores, bags in hand.  The high is akin to writing a paper the night before it’s due.  I must admit, my forays in “Xtreme Christmas Shopping” has a mixed success rate – one year, I bought everything for everyone from HMV (a CD/DVD store) .  It was pathetic.

Luckily, TN met me for a power-shopping lunch today.  She kept me sane and was such a calming influence on me.  In one hour, we walked to the mall and I got to cross off hubby from my list.  I agonize over what to get him every year.  So that was a major one. 

I even made it back to work in time.  God Bless us, everyone!


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