Posted by: bureaucratgirl | December 23, 2006

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Partylite Spinning TreeMy friend K holds annual (Partylite) candle parties. In the last one I went to, the agent (is that what they’re called?) had a christmas tree on display. It’s about 16 inches tall, and if you put tealights under the tree, it spins around – it’s soooo beautiful! There is also a wind up music box that plays “Silent Night” at the base. As most of you who have experience with Partylite candles know, the products are very good quality, but are also pricey. I couldn’t justify paying close to $200 for it – mesmerizing as it was.

A couple of nights ago, I saw it on for a quarter of the price. It’s even better than eBay in my opinion. Because it’s local, there are no shipping fees and all transactions are in cash – so less fraud.

It’s on display in my living room, and I light the “Candy Cane” scented tealights under it (also from Partylite). I love to turn off the lights and watch the reflections on the wall as the tree spins.

I took a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice….



  1. I’m on the web googling this tree because it almost burnt my house down this Christmas. If I was you I wouldn’t use this tree. My whole tree caught fire. There was about three feet of flames. Something is very wrong with this item. I have spend thousands on Partylite and have until this point thought it was high quality. Feel free to email me if you’d like to see pics. I’m still shook up over the whole thing and thankful my house is still standing and most of all my family is safe.

  2. Hi, Julie. Thank you so much for letting me know. I will be extra careful, and not use it with candles…. Are you returning it to Partylite?

  3. I have this tree for over 15 years and I clean it by rinsing under warm water carefully every season. The only thing that could burn is a chemical or dust. I had a problem with it not spinning but I adjusted the leaves and it came back to life. Everyone loves this, it is in the center of my coffee table.

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