Posted by: bureaucratgirl | December 29, 2006

Dashin’ Through the Snow


While in Kananaskis, hubby and I hit the slopes of the Nakiska ski resort. I was on skis, and hubby was on his custom-made snowboard. I’m technically not a skier, having spent the entire 2 days on the bunny hill with kids who couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. I felt so uncoordinated – like an elephant trying to dance ballet. The only thing holding me up was sheer determination. (Hey, we all gotta’ start somewhere, right?) Hubby on the other hand was snowboarding on the very same run they used for the 15th Winter Olympic Games….

After blazing down the slopes, he ran to the bunny hill to cheer me on. Sometimes, he pushed me uphill and watched as I desperately tried not to puncture my kidneys with my poles. (Our travel insurance doesn’t cover that.) After words of encouragement, he would ride the “Gold Chair” lift – reserved for people who are either really good, or incredibly stupid. Hubby was the former 🙂 I am obviously so proud of him. He compensates for my skiing inadequacy.

Sigh! I am looking forward to our Mt. Cain ski trip – practice makes perfect, right?


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