Posted by: bureaucratgirl | December 29, 2006

The Unbearable Stress of Being … at Work

Aaarggh!Since this week falls between Christmas and New Year’s, there is hardly anybody in my building. In my branch, I am holding down the fort all by myself. It’s only my 2nd month at the new job, so I am still learning the ropes…. I was doing ok until about 10:30 – actually managing to get caught up on a lot of the little tasks I never get around to doing. (That’s always easier to do when you don’t have anyone to talk to about whether or not Jennifer Aniston really cries during her yoga poses.) Then all of a sudden, someone came in and said they are moving our entire branch to the first floor. WTF?!?!?! Can you picture my boss’ face in January when he realizes he doesn’t even work in the same floor anymore?!? I finally talked the guy into holding off the move until one of the managers comes back on January 2nd. Phew! That was a close one.

Awaiting the next crisis tomorrow. As long as my pass key still works, and my desk is still in my office, I think it should be ok.



  1. Well, if you have time to spend, you can try this:
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  2. Thanks for the tip, storiedime! That site is pure GOLD! I even added it to my blogroll. I showed it to the hubby, and he LOVED it. Lots of very creative people. Cheers!

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