Posted by: bureaucratgirl | December 29, 2006

(Totally) White Christmas

Ski Trip 2006

Hubby and I went to Kananaskis for 5 days over the Christmas break. It is 624 miles away from Victoria and one of the best areas for skiing and any outdoor activity in general. The drive was very, very scenic – almost from a postcard. We drove through the great Candian Rockies. It made me realize how beautiful and diverse Canada’s landscape is. From the waters of the Pacific Ocean, to the peaks of the Rockies, it was simply breathtaking.

The roads were icy in some parts, especially on the way to and from Revelstoke. We encountered some accidents, but nothing major – thank goodness for that.

I have posted some photos from the trip. Most of them were taken from inside the van, and they do not do the landscape any justice. Being outdoors makes me feel so small, and despite man’s delusions of grandeur, we truly are only a small part of this earth. **Please bear with me, as I am still learning to use WordPress – the pictures may be “wonky” at times. **





pict1722.jpg pict1636.JPG

pict1617.JPG pict1623.JPG pict1688.JPG

pict1678.JPG pict1651.JPG pict1689.JPG


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