Posted by: bureaucratgirl | January 1, 2007

Blond, James Blond

Saw Casino Royale with hubby and MV the other night. I thought it was good – better than I expected, really. But they introduced a lot of new things which I was a little unsure about at first – a blond Bond (although there’s nothing wrong with that, really), no Q (I miss Mr. Gadget), and Bond was going to quit employment with Her Majesty so he can … settle down with a woman. Granted, she was both beauty and brains (an accountant, nonetheless) – but I have a hard time picturing Bond living in Holland Park or Knightsbridge, driving his kids to football. The new Bond is also a bit rougher around the edges, apparently needs a woman to pick out his tux, does not care if his martini is shaken not stirred, and needs a lesson in humility (c’mon, it’s James Bond). Although the world as I know it will not cease to exist, all the new aspects were a little bit too much for me at first….

Then again, the things that I liked in the new Bond were also the new things about him. He had a humanity to him that was missing in the others, save for eternal Bond favourite, Sir Sean Connery. Daniel Craig seemed more real, more contemporary, definitely more politically correct, and recognized women as partners and equals. And because Q is gone, the focus was more on the man, and not the gadgets. His action scenes were amazing, and I am impressed by the fact that he did them himself! Oh, and the movie locations were gorgeous. (Czech Republic, baby!!!)

Craig’s performance wasn’t the only one I found impressive. Dame Judi Dench was a pure pleasure to watch, and I hope to see her in the next movie as well.

All in all, despite the changes and my never-dying loyalty to Pierce Brosnan (still the best Bond everrrrr!), it was “fahntahstic” – as T would say.

So who is your favourite Bond? (Top Left-Right: Sean Connery, the lesser-known George Lazenby, and Roger Moore. Bottom Left-Right: Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan (my personal fave), and Daniel Craig.)



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