Posted by: bureaucratgirl | January 2, 2007

I Wish….

Hire me!In an earlier post, I talked about a position that is just perfect for me. It’s the ideal job for the following reasons:

Reason #1: The job title is my actual degree. Not only is it the actual name of my BA and (hopefully) my MA, but the accountabilities in the job description describe my previous positions. It would open up so many other opportunities for me and allow me to contribute on issues I deeply care about.

Reason #2: The higher classification and pay means hubby can quit his current job and take on another job. It’s a job which he would absolutely love, but because it doesn’t pay as much as his current job, he is reluctant to take it. He says he will switch jobs as soon as we pay off the student loan I incurred due to my MA. I feel bad that he has to put his dream job in the backburner for me. So I am really hoping that I can do this for him…. He deserves to live his dream, and has been incredibly supportive of mine.

Reason #3: Location, location. It is literally 2.5 blocks down the street from our house.

Reason #4: Getting this job means my old job will become vacant – and AG, who is currently backfilling for me, can compete, and I am sure, eventually win it. She has no permanent position so this would be an amazing opportunity for her.

The competition closes 3 days from today. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the dream I wish tonight…. Wish me luck.



  1. Good luck! I love the fact that you don’t just think about how good it would be for you, but also for your husband and even your colleague.


  2. Thanks, lyndon! I’m crossing my fingers, hoping it all comes through!

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