Posted by: bureaucratgirl | January 8, 2007

Bang, Bang for Bling Bling….

Hubby and I saw Blood Diamond last night.  I thought it was very well done.  Granted, some parts of the plot are weak, but I liked how it showed the other issues involved in Sierra Leone’s illegal diamond trade: child soldiers, porous borders (and its role in smuggling), international demand, arms dealing, refugees and life in refugee camps, and forced labour.  It shows that a lot of these issues are interconnected, and it is important to come up with a comprehensive international strategy to address the problem.  I am also glad that these issues are now in the (Hollywood) mainstream media.  Hopefully, the movie will get people thinking about the repercussions of “bling, bling” – glorified in glossy magazines.

If you are interested in more information, check out Amnesty International’s website on conflict diamonds.   Make sure you watch the flash video on the right side of the page.  Jennifer Connelly’s public service announcement is below.  Finally, I’d like to quote Gandhi when he said, “live simply, so others may simply live”.



  1. Blood Diamond looks interesting but may be undervalued in the long run. Mostly because Dicaprio is a main character.

    The most appealing aspect of the movie is the message behind it.

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