Posted by: bureaucratgirl | January 13, 2007

Life is Like a Series of … Groupwork

7512700143.jpgI hate groupwork…. Writing a paper can be difficult, but trying to write it with 5 other people is a daunting task. I mean my group is great – really super people. But it’s one thing to sit with them for a coffee and another thing to try and come up with an introduction and conclusion. Sigh! Then again, life is basically like one huge groupwork, isn’t it? Lots of compromise, some freeriders here and there, but we are all in this together. I can’t wait until this is over.  Two more mini individual papers, then it’s done…  Something happy, though – I have officially fulfilled my participation requirement today (for an A+ in participation).  🙂  I’ll probably contribute 3 more, just so my prof doesn’t think I’ve dropped out of the face of the earth entirely.  But at least I don’t feel stressed about it.  I just realized that schoolwork was the highlight of my day.  Jeeeeez.


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