Posted by: bureaucratgirl | January 20, 2007

Hip, Hip, Hoor-A!!!

sme0003.jpgYipppeeee! I got my mark for my other class, an A+! I don’t think that changes my GPA, though. Jeez, it’s true what they say – you really do carry a B+ to your grave. 😉 But I am not complaining. I barely manage with full time work and full time school, while trying to keep a marriage work, so I am just counting my blessings here.

Today was “flex Friday”. I decided to take it really easy – some paper writing in the morning, and then lunch and dinner with girlfriends.

I met MV for lunch at Japanese Village today – her treat. And it was such a treat! We really went all out. I was FULL! They have the best steak sauce on rice, hands down. I know – it sounds yucky, but those of you who have tried it know what I’m talking about! We ended up taking a 2 hour lunch. Even the deputy minister doesn’t do that – hahaha! (Then again, it is flex Friday)

After more paper writing at the library, I met L & C for martinis at the Bengal Lounge of the Empress Hotel. I had the Chocotini. It was like dessert in a glass. Very good! I had so much fun seeing them again. We all used to work at the same place, but are now scattered across Victoria.

Good times, great friends, all of them life’s blessings.


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