Posted by: bureaucratgirl | February 15, 2007

Dining Out – The Macro Way

Hubby and I celebrated V-day last night.  We wanted to eat out, but still eat Macro.  There aren’t a lot of vegetarian choices out here in Victoria, but the Green Cuisine came to the rescue.  The dining style is highly informal, and the atmosphere relaxed – which made for a wonderfully laid-back evening.  The selection was amazing!  Tempeh burgers, tofu with marinara sauce, veggie burritos, quinoa salad, and the dessert…. I was left speechless.  I can’t believe it was all vegan – everything was scrumptious.

The dining style was interesting.  It was buffet style, but you pay by weight.  So you can sample everything, but waste nothing.  If any of you are coming to Victoria, or are in town, it’s worth a visit – even if you aren’t vegan.

I think we’ll go there again this weekend.



  1. That place sounds amazing… living in the UK, being vegi is hard enough (I travel too much!) but being Vegan can be an even bigger challenge. Thank goodness stores are now marking food as “Vege/Vegan”.

    Enjoying your blog, consider yerself RSS’d.

  2. Hi, there! Thank you for the nice comments 🙂

    The Green Cuisine really is quite special – lots of selections and all of them vegan. For me, the hardest challenge of being vegan is the fact that my hubby isn’t. So I am trying to make “base dishes” and add meats to one, and tempeh/tofu or just veggies to the other. Although sometimes, hubby admits my veggie dishes are better 😉

    Any fave vegan recipes you have that you’d like to share with me?

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