Posted by: bureaucratgirl | February 17, 2007

Deferred Flex Friday

sca0141.jpgI had to defer my flex today, which is always a bummer – but all it means is that I can take it on another day.  The only thing is, I have a paper due on Sunday and I have not even started, so the free day could have come in handy.  All week long, I kept planning on pulling an all-nighter, but sleepiness got the better of me.  Here I am at 2am on Saturday morning – wracking my brain for something brilliant to write.  (Oh, the pressure)

I am so tired and feel like I am running on empty….

One of the highlights of my day was meeting MV for lunch.  We had our usual tropical salad at Cafe Mulatta.  It is by far one of the best salads I have ever had in Victoria – rivalled only by the spinach salad with balsamic reduction at the Superior.

This Sunday, hubby is picking up the international student we are hosting from the airport.  Financially, it makes sense – but I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed with responsibilities right now.  I just checked my school calendar and realized that from this Sunday on, I have a paper due every week until April.


Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.


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