Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 11, 2007

Hostess with the Mostess?

1166022.jpgHad a couple of people over for dinner Wednesday night.  I planned a purely vegan menu: quinoa salad, spaghetti squash with mushroom sauce, steamed veggies, and brown rice.

We all met up after work, then headed over to our house.  All of them headed straight for the dining table (overlooking the kitchen) and sat  – essentially watching hubby and me scramble all over the kitchen, preparing dinner.  Not one soul asked, “is there anything I can do to help???”  They sat there asking what we were making, and yakked and yakked and yakked.  WTF?!?!?!  Even when the pine nuts I was roasting started smoking because I was making salad, no one got up.  Is that normal?

Whenever I get invited over to a home for dinner, the first question I ask when I arrive is, “may I help with anything”?

I arranged the dinner because I wanted to spend time with friends – I have been so busy lately, and feel like I have been neglecting them.  Right now I am just so F’n pissed.  One thing’s for sure – they’re never invited to dinner again.  (Maybe I’ll change my mind once my stress level eases up…)

Sorry for the rant – I needed to vent.


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