Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 12, 2007

Lotus Pond … Ommmm

The weekend was a blur. All I remember from it is the shuffling of papers, words splattered all across my computer monitor, and the intermittent humming of my laptop as it saved my files. I worked on 3 papers last weekend – one on genocide, the other on fragile states, and lastly, on governance. Jeez – what I wouldn’t do to be Paris Hilton right now – wearing a bikini somewhere in St. Tropez, looking at a $1,000 pair of stilettos muttering to myself, “that’s hot”.

By the time Sunday afternoon came, my nerves were officially fried. Hubby had to practically drag me to the Lotus Pond – a vegan restaurant in Victoria, which prepares meals using Buddhist principles. (No garlic, no chives….) Their buffet is a really good deal – especially at 2:30pm when everything goes for half price. It was yummy! I must admit though, that although it was vegan, not everything was entirely healthy (fried sweet and sour balls, spring rolls – but I really didn’t care at that point). After lunch, he took me to the Green Cuisine for dessert. I had a vegan chocolate cheesecake. It was just what I needed. Suddenly, I was pulled away from the maddening chorus of schoolwork. Aaaaaaah – the magic of chocolate, indeed!



  1. My top three dishes:
    Death by chocolate
    Murder by chocolate
    Genocide by chocolate.

    In no particular order. This weekend I introduced the gf to one of my lifes particular pleasures – Toffee Crisp. She has instructed me to get more.

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