Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 17, 2007


Got my shots today for Uganda. Yellow fever, Hepa A&B, Meningitis…. The list goes on and on. Over $200 later, I have to go back 4 more times to get even more shots (8 shots in total). Jeez – if I get sick, I am going to be F’n pissed.

Just wondering about my Malaria pills – I have 3 to choose from:

  1. One is taken every day: week before trip, during trip, and week (or is it month?) after. It’s supposedly pretty good, but at $5 per pill, I’m going to be about $350 in the hole.
  2. The second one is taken weekly which sounds ideal, but in some people, it could worsen anxiety. Great, just what I need.
  3. The third is taken weekly, but is basically an antibiotic. I said no to that off the bat. I am not taking antibiotics as a precaution.

Anyway, I think I may opt for pill #1. It’s definitely expensive, but I’ve met a couple of travellers on malaria pill #2 and it was not pretty.


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