Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 23, 2007

Grad Students Unwind – Part 2

L is in town for a couple of days. I met up with my classmates for dinner at the Ferris Oyster Bar and Grill. All I can say is that my quest for the best veggie burger in Victoria is over. They have the best nut burger I have ever had, hands down. I’ll definitely be back!!!!

I guess it’s good to try something new for a change. Hubby and I have been addicted to Green Cuisine lately – 3 nights in a row! 🙂



  1. Sounds good – we normally make our own “lentil-burgers” in our house… Mind you – made an *amazing* meal the other night – took some garlic (maybe half a garlic!), 2 onions, 2 peppers, mushrooms, some tofu/tomato patĂ©, can of tomatoes, more tomatoe purĂ©e, some herbs and pasta… was bloody brilliant. And I managed to stand for two hours whilst I cooked it. Result. Natasha was proud of me (even though she was mad at me because of something else I did! Opps *ashamed*).

    Did you know not all wine is vegan?

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