Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 25, 2007

All Skyped Out

gwil40924.jpgML and I were on Skype for six hours last night/this morning. We worked on 2 team papers together and were both incredibly annoyed that out of a team of 6, only 2 people were actively working on what will be a group grade. The same thing happened last week and the week before. 😦 When we got our marks back from last week’s paper (96%, baby!!!!) everyone was so happy. Yeah, I would be too if I got an A+ while sitting on my a** in Edmonton doing zip.

Anyway, I have one last paper before my fieldwork starts next month. I am going to get wasted as soon as I type up the conclusion. I’m not even waiting until I get to Amsterdam.

Hmmmm – maybe some Green Cuisine tonight to blow of some steam….


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