Posted by: bureaucratgirl | March 29, 2007

Something You Don’t Know About Me…

wb-0659b.jpgI always, always play the Lord of the Rings trilogy on my computer whenever I am writing a paper. It’s either that, or one of the Harry Potter movies. I think it’s the over-arching theme of surpassing an obstacle and defeating evil.

Hey, if Frodo can go to Mordor and destroy the “one ring that rules them all”, I can ramble on for 10 pages about governance and security sector reform.

Hmmm…. this post is a thinly veiled attempt at procrastination. It’s 12:53am – time to get crackin’ on my introduction.



  1. Natasha (the other half) often puts of her work by – well – whatever means she can. I say puts off because I can’t spell that other long word beginning with P and I’m too lazy to scoll up. Meh. I’m a cripple, leave me alone.

    Will try the cheesecake idea. Thankies for that.


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