Posted by: bureaucratgirl | April 10, 2007

It’s The Edge of the World As We Know It … (and We Feel Fine)

Pardon the title – I borrowed it from REM 🙂

Hubby and I spent Easter weekend in Cape Scott – at the very northwestern tip of Vancouver Island. It was breathtaking! The trees, the ocean, the rugged landscape…. Granted, it rained for the entire 3 days we were there, but it was still worth it. We did a couple of hikes, although some of the trails were closed due to storm damage. It was good to be out and not have my computer attached to my hip. 😉 I can’t believe school is done!

On the way home, we dropped by Telegraph Cove. The historic boardwalk community is well-preserved, unfortunately everything was closed for the season.

Oh, on a side note – my boots came in really handy….

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Here are photos from the trail:




  1. um…i LOVE your galoshes. i WANT. 😛

    BC is so beautiful. i’m a native oregonian, but i’ve never been north of the border. must change that.

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