Posted by: bureaucratgirl | April 13, 2007


I was at the bookstore last week, and I saw a book that a co-worker’s daughter would love. I got it for her, and asked my co-worker to give it to her. I never heard anything back from her daughter, though. No email, nothing. I thought it was a little uhm… impolite? Rude? Her mom did thank me, but I was still kinda’ hoping that her daughter would at least acknowledge that she received it.

Just looking back to when I was (a lot) younger, my mom always, always made me write a thank you note. It was a pain back then, but looking back, she was right. Now it has become a habit for me – thank you, mom!

Maybe it’s kids today? But then again, my nieces and nephews always send me a quick e-mail just to say they got my present or card, and a quick thanks.

Anyway, I won’t think about it – even if it does bother me a tiny bit. One cannot give and expect something back….



  1. My mother was the same – I always try to acknowledge a gift from anyone, no matter how small…

    M’eh, I guess. By the way – my wordpress blog and yours have encouraged my partner to get her own WP blog – heh.

    Glad you had a good break. I’m on holidays this week, too. Taking Natasha to meet my family tomorrow – wish us luck!

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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