Posted by: bureaucratgirl | April 15, 2007

The Unsinkable

Hubby, SH, and I went to see the Titanic Exhibit at the Royal British Columbia Museum yesterday.  Apart from the crowd, and all the elbowing in between artifacts, it was a very intriguing exhibit.  I say intriguing because it has been 95 years since “the unsinkable” sank, and yet we are still mesmerized by its grandeur and tragedy.

My favourite part was receiving a card with a passenger’s name and why they were on the boat.  At the end of the exhibit, you could check whether they made it to safety.

One very startling fact:  if you were a first class passenger on the Titanic today, it would cost you over $70,000 for a state room.  Wow.  Celebrities’ $6 coffees now seem like chump change.



  1. That sounds really itneresting! I might have to drag Andel there one day…

    I did a project on the Titanic when I was at school, and was so fascinated and moved with the whole tragedy that I went on to write a fictional account of one little girl aboard the titanic, which I called “The Unthinkable Meets The Unsinkable” lol – my writing skills were even poorer then than they are now!

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