Posted by: bureaucratgirl | June 29, 2007

Workday – West Coast Style

I had a meeting in Vancouver today.  I took a West Coast Air float plane with S, E, and B.  It was a bit cloudy, so the visibility wasn’t that great.  Nevertheless, the view from the plane is breathtaking.

The meeting was loong.  Four hours in a room smaller than Paris Hilton’s jail cell is enough to push someone to drink coffee after a year of going cold turkey.  Sigh!  Welcome to the career ladder – it’s a long way up, spattered with late nights and long meetings.

The meeting drained all of us, and I fell asleep on the flight home.  Being the big city that it is, Vancouver always sucks the life out of me.  😦

It rained on the way home, and I was too tired to walk – so I took a harbour ferry.  If ever you’re going to be in Victoria, you have to try these little chug boats.  It’s a fun ride.  I felt so relaxed after a fast-paced day – being on the water, with the wind on my face.  It’s good to be home.


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