Posted by: bureaucratgirl | July 11, 2007

The Sky is Our Ceiling

7512600017.jpgThe weather in Victoria was SWELTERING today. It’s quite unusual for the island – since there is always a cool breeze blowing, despite the high temperatures.

Hubby and I slept out on our porch. I was a bit freaked out at first, worried about all sorts of ‘night creatures’ eating my face. (Wasn’t that a Stephen King novel or something?) Anyway, it was amazing. We lay on the porch – watching the stars, talking about our day. It was the perfect evening.

I woke up with the sunrise, and felt so rested. All the fresh air has done me good! I’ve still got a cold, but definitely feeling a lot better.

We’re probably going to do the same thing tonight. Life is good.

“Night with her train of stars and her great gift of sleep.” ~ William Ernest Henley


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