Posted by: bureaucratgirl | July 21, 2007

Celebrate Good Times…

I have been (unofficially) offered the job i am “tapping” in (Victoria Public Service lingo). It’s such great news! I’ve been acting in the position since November 2006, so it’s great to finally have the job. 🙂

To celebrate the good news, I met up with LC and CH at the Glo Europub. We had martinis and appetizers and got caught up on our lives. I had the Amsterdam martini. It was good! Very chocolate-y with a creamy citrus taste. I loved the combination! It was good to see them again. I’m happy that after all the changes we’ve been through work-wise, and after all the job moves we’ve made, we are still in touch.

The next day (flex Friday), I had lunch with TM and DT at Baan Thai. It was an awesome venting/bitching/chatting session. Great fun!!!

To all my ‘girls’ – thanks for the respite from a hectic world.


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