Posted by: bureaucratgirl | September 4, 2007

I still cannot believe summer is over – meaning I am officially back to thesis writing. šŸ˜¦ Oh well – the sooner I get it done the sooner I can kick back and wait for grad.

Hubby and I wrapped up summer 2007 by relaxing. I did some crocheting (which I find quite therapeutic, except when I have to read crocheting intructions – then it gets mental), while hubby played Civilization IV – his favourite game of all time. We also went to Greekfest last Sunday with some friends. The food was amazing! Home cooked Greek food served alongside Greek dancers and performers. I had the spanakopita, while hubby had the lamb platter, finished off with baklava and loukomades. It was a fun-filled evening – the Greeks sure know how to party. OPA!!!

Labour Day Monday and Saturday, we volunteered for LifeCycles’ Fruit Tree Project. It is an innovative programĀ where volunteersĀ pick homeowners’ fruit trees that they are unable to pick themselves. Fruit that would otherwise end up in someone’s compost bin goes to food banks and other local organizations, part of it is used to finance the project, and a small part goes to volunteers. I baked an apple pie and it tasted soooo good! Nothing like organic, hand-picked, fresh, local fruit in season!

And now, my friends, the thesis bell tolls.


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