Posted by: bureaucratgirl | November 11, 2007

It Has Been Forever!

Just wanted to say that I’m still here….

A bit battered and blue from typing my thesis, but I’m still standing here.

In my absence, a couple of major things happened:

  • I turned 32 (Ack!!!)
  • Hubby became a Canuck
  • Hubby and I celebrated the 7th year of the first day we met  🙂
  • I learned how to knit (thesis therapy)
  • Hubby and I are taking pottery classes (Not as easy as Demi Moore in Ghost makes it look.  And it’s obvious that I need LOTS of thesis therapy.)

I can’t wait to get this elephant off my back.  After that, I am going to stay in bed for a week, read Hello magazine, and eat Godiva chocolates!



  1. Good to know you’re alive – but Canuck?! Isn’t that like a Eunuch?

  2. The last comment was me btw – signed in as work by accident! 😛

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