Getting Healthier

June 16, 2007

Gosh, I can’t believe it has been more than a month!  I’ve been taking a break from life lately, gearing up for my thesis – so apologies for the loooong absence!  My healthy plan is going strong, despite some temptations here and there….  🙂  I’m still walking to and from work, which is roughly 10 km a day!  I also do a run/walk combo some days so I am really getting my cardio in.  Here are the results of my latest weigh in:



May 15, 2007

Just got back from my field work/holidays and pleasantly surprised that I lost weight! Although I managed to stick as close as I could to my macro diet, it was difficult sometimes.


April 3, 2007

Gosh, I haven’t had a chance to update this page…. Sorry! Glad to report though, that my weight is stable, and I am still working out in the morning and walking home after work. I also hired a personal trainer for 3 sessions. For $99, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

We started our workouts yesterday, and then met again today. My thighs are sore!!! I spent an hour “strengthening my core” and working on my leg muscles. LS, my trainer is pretty good – she’s gentle, but also know just when to motivate me. I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

March 18, 2007


Small steps, small steps…. I keep telling myself. I have been keeping up the workouts, and walking home from work. So I can’t give up. 🙂

March 10, 2007


Woohoo! This is more like it….

I was able to keep my workout routine all week, which is awesome. I also take the stairs every time. My cubicle is on the 5th floor, and I still get winded after every climb, but I’m feeling better and better everyday…. It has been two weeks now and so far so good!

I also paid for 3 sessions with a personal trainer – it works out to about $40 per 1 hour session, which I think is worth it. I’ll make sure I have a list of questions and concerns for her to take into consideration when designing a workout plan for me.

Wish me luck!

So far, so good!

March 4, 2007


WTF?!?!?! I have been working out in the morning, walking home at night, and have not been eating more than I normally have…. Jeez. Go figure, huh? Oh well, there is more to getting healthy than loosing weight. I’m just going to keep doing what I am doing right now and not worry about what the scales reflect. I do feel more toned, so that’s good!

On to the next week, hope I can keep up my workouts!

February 24, 2007


Wooohooo! So far so good! I am feeling excellent – very healthy. And since I am trying to balance my food using the principles of macrobiotics, I have had no cravings for chocolate, which has always been my downfall.

I signed up for the gym across my workplace. I am getting a ride with hubby in the morning and get some workout in before work.

February 17, 2007

So far, so good. I have never felt better! I have not been skipping meals, and am never hungry. Partly following the macrobiotic diet, I eat mostly brown rice, veggies, fruits, legumes and nuts. It just makes sense to me.

I remember trying a crash diet once (which is really bad for you) and ate mostly protein and vegetables. I couldn’t do it! I missed rice too much. 😦 But rice isn’t the culprit. It’s the kind of rice you eat. Brown rice is very healthy, and actually good for you!


February 15, 2007

It has been a month since I have updated my Getting Healthy Page…. Sorry about that! Life is just nutsy lately.

I was expecting the worst when I stepped on the scales today (not a Sunday, I know). A week at Mom’s house brimming with comfort food can’t be good for you!

As soon as I returned home, I went back to my macrobiotic diet – and feel awesome! It is the only eating plan which makes me feel good. Lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and some nuts.

Here is my latest weight tracker:

Feb. 15

January 14, 2007

Wow, I am slowly getting there. I am really happy about that! Again, nothing drastic, nothing painful. I met NC 3 times last week for a powerwalk. It was nice – we got to vent and exercise at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! Although there was some “slippage” (as my boss would say) mid-week, I have managed to loose a total of 4 lbs in 2 weeks!


January 7, 2007

So, I survived my first week of getting healthier. Exercise-wise, I didn’t do anything drastic – went out for powerwalks and I did some stretches and lunges in the morning. Diet-wise, nothing drastic either – I didn’t deprive myself of anything, just ate less of what I would normally eat. I am taking it really slow – which is what I wanted to do in the first place.

I nervously stepped on the scale this morning and surprise! I lost over a pound and a half. Yippeee! I will try to build momentum this week, but it’s a start!

2nd Week

December 31, 2006

I gained over 30 lbs. at my old job. I don’t blame the job – I only have myself to blame for the poor choices I made. But it didn’t help that most of the people there bonded over food. Those of you who know me know for a fact that people over at XXX brought cakes, cookies and chips on an almost daily basis. We used to gather by the photocopier and talk about our projects or our weekend plans. It brought out everyone’s social side. Yes, it was a very sharing environment – not just food mind you, but magazines/books, DVDs, CDs as well. Over at the new job, people are a little more “conservative” when it comes to food. So it’s a better environment for me to start getting healthy again.

I am probably 1 of tens of thousands of people who want a healthier lifestyle this coming new year. I don’t want to call this a “resolution”, as I am a bit pessimistic about those…. So I’m just going to call this the “Getting Healthier Goal”. Not very catchy, I know – I can always change it later when I think of something hipper.

My starting stats:


My plan is to do a weigh in every Sunday. I’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!



  1. Before and after pictures always help.

  2. ten pounds?? AWESOME!! personal trainers really help you cut to the chase and work on all the right things. at least that’s been my experience.

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